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Become a sustaining member to amplify your impact!

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Become a sustaining member to amplify your impact!

From vulnerable to Victorious: The journey of a trafficking survivor

Many vulnerable youth are most often trafficked by their own family members or by those they loved and trusted. From there, the road ahead lay filled with twists and turns including opportunities to get away followed by overwhelming factors that pull them back in.

You can help.

By supporting the i-5 Freedom Network, you can be a part of the solution. From prevention to disruption to recovery, all steps are essential.

  • Peer advocacy and self esteem building courses with our Way2Be workshops for at-risk teens are a path to prevention
  • Hotels and motels trained to identify and report suspected trafficking activity through i-5's risk assessments and training are an ally for disruption of exploitation and further abuse
  • A well-informed community through free Empower Hour awareness sessions is a partner for support and recovery
  • Leadership courses for survivors with our Way2Work Skills for Success program equip and empower their road forward

Keeping vulnerable youth and other individuals out of the grip of the greedy and cruel is our first line opportunity to disrupt the pattern. We can do this by providing at-risk teens with skills needed to stand strong.

When that opportunity is missed, then disrupting the cycle is the next critical step. A survivor is someone who has already suffered the trauma of trafficking and exploitation, yet persevered to emerge and live life on their own terms. You have an opportunity to equip these individuals with the tools and mindset needed to reclaim their full potential.

Don't let traffickers exploit the vulnerable any longer. Empower survivors on their victory lap.

Become a sustaining member, and you will be there for the entire journey!

You can help.